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White Bag Company has supplied millions of sandbags during times of national disasters. We have the capability to ship millions of sandbags on demand.
Our tough woven polypropylene sandbags are excellent for use in flooded areas and are strong enough for temporary wall, berm, trench and levee construction.
Our stock sandbags are treated for UV exposure and are frequently used by earth home builders and many state transportation departments.

We offer custom colors!

Standard sizes are 14" x 26"
and 18" x 30".
Sand bags hold 40 to 50
pounds of sand.
Can be tied with attached tie
or with string or metal ties.
Stock colors available in green, white and orange.
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10 oz. 40 inch burlap 2,000 yards per roll
23 x 40 8.9 oz. burlap bags
Regular or hydrocarbon-free (HCF)
Scrap burlap
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Burlap has a wide variety of uses — from coffee beans to erosion control. We keep the most popular sizes in stock, and also have scrap burlap for road construction and wrapping pipe.