Family owned wholesaler and distributor of flexible packaging since 1948.

  • Open tops: Economical for in plant use, but not optimal for packaging
  • Duffle tops: Top opens out of the bag for easy filling
  • Inlet spouts: Top wraps around your filling spout for easy filling and spill free shipping
  • Cone top: Allows optimal filling space for products that need time to settle

  • Flat Bottom: Basic polypropylene fabric bottom with no discharge capability
  • Discharge Spout: Allows bag to discharge from bottom in a smaller capacity
  • Full Bottom Discharge: Allows entire contents to be discharged in one motion
  • Closures: Tie closure, diaper closure, star/petal closure, drawstring closure

Lift Loops
  • Side seam: 4 loops sewn directly into the side seam
  • Cross corner: 4 loops sewn across the corner for easy forklift access
  • Stevedore straps: 4 loops sewn directly into the side seam with 2 straps connecting the side loops
  • 1-loop: 1 large loop connecting two opposite sides for easy crane access
  • Sleeves: 2 sleeves sewn on opposite sides of the top for easy forklift access

  • Standard Liner: Liner loosely inserted into the bag
  • Form-fitted Liner: Liner fit to the design of the bag
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