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Family owned wholesaler and distributor of flexible packaging since 1948.

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HOURS: 7:30am - 4:30pm (M-F)
CALL for pricing: 1-800-527-1733

White Bag Company, a national leader in the distribution of bulk bags, maintains thousands of the most common sizes in the industry. Our “Tiger Tuff" design ensures you are getting the safest quality bags on the market.
WBC is your one-stop source for:
  • Large or small quantity production to meet your needs
  • Custom printing and design specific to your company
  • Direct ship program ships containers direct to your site
  • Private label drop shipments accommodate dealer source
  • Track your shipments from origin to destination
FIBCs offer unique characteristics:
  • Very favorable package/product weight ratio
  • Cost competitive with other packaging forms (often utilized without pallets)
  • Capacity dependent on bulk density of the product with a guaranteed Safety Factor (SF) 5:1 or in case of dangerous materials, SF 6:1 - confirmed by the respective certificate
  • 4-Panel: Requires seams along 4 separate pieces of fabric sewn to create a 4 panel bag
  • U-Panel: Requires 2 seams along 2 opposing sides to create 2 panels and a U shaped bag
  • Tubular: Circular fabric with seams sewn at the top and bottom of the bag
  • Baffle: Utilizes inside baffles that allow the bag to fill to maximum capacity without expanding fabric
Color Options
  • Color Options: Yellow, green, white, black, blue, red (minimum order quantities required)
  • Uncoated: Standard polypropylene fabric
  • Coated: Fabric that is laminated with polypropylene film
  • Standard Liner: Liner loosely inserted into the bag
  • Form-fitted Liner: Liner fit to the design of the bag
  • Open tops: Economical for in plant use, but not optimal for packaging
  • Duffle tops: Top opens out of the bag for easy filling
  • Inlet spouts: Top wraps around your filling spout for easy filling and spill free shipping
  • Cone top: Allows optimal filling space for products that need time to settle
  • Flat Bottom: Basic polypropylene fabric bottom with no discharge capability
  • Discharge Spout: Allows bag to discharge from bottom in a smaller capacity
  • Full Bottom Discharge: Allows entire contents to be discharged in one motion
  • Closures: Tie closure, diaper closure, star/petal closure, drawstring closure
Lift Loops
  • Side seam: 4 loops sewn directly into the side seam
  • Cross corner: 4 loops sewn across the corner for easy forklift access
  • Stevedore straps: 4 loops sewn directly into the side seam with 2 straps connecting the side loops
  • 1-loop: 1 large loop connecting two opposite sides for easy crane access
  • Sleeves: 2 sleeves sewn on opposite sides of the top for easy forklift access
  • Inlet Spout: Closure covers top spout to avoid contamination/leakage from the top of the bag perimeter
  • Safety Bands: Band of support sewn along the top of the bag where most stress from lifting is found
  • Sift Proof Seams: Offer tight closure against products that are very small