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White Bag Company offers a large selection of multi-wall paper bags. We specialize in customizing bags to your specifications and also carry a wide variety of bags in stock. Our multi-wall paper bags are used for packaging many different types of products, such as pet food, fertilizer and concrete.
Paper bag constructions usually range from 2 to 4 plies and can include high-density polyethylene liner positioned to your specifications.
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Common Styles

Sewn Open Mouth (SOM)

  • Filling is done by gravity or compression
  • Flat or gusseted tube
  • High quality printing
  • Common uses: bakery mixes, feed and seed, and sugar
Pasted Valve (PVSE)
  • Filling is done through a filling tube or spout.Valve sacks are usually fabricated entirely in the sack plant, except for a corner opening to allow filling at the customer’s packing plant
  • Tuck in sleeve, tube and double poly lock sleeves available
  • Bags can be made for use in high speed automated applications
  • Common uses: cement, minerals, plastics, chemicals, and food
Pinched Bottom Open Mouth (PBOM)
  • Hot glue tape or heat sealable feature available
  • Flat or gusseted tube
  • High purity applications
  • High quality printing
  • Common uses: chemicals, foods, and citrus fruits